Our Mission

Digital Energy transforms capital and workforce intensive industries: energy, utilities, logistics, and construction. We impact supply chain efficiency; workforce effectiveness, well-being and safety; and the use and re-use of resources. 

Our smart solutions combine on-the-ground, day-to-day knowledge and the most advanced research. Results increase efficiency, reduce costs, and use resources with precision and transparence. 

Our Vision

We sculpt digital connections for purpose, smartness and sustainability.


DE technology applies innovation and intelligent solutions to sculpt profitability for companies. Our unique tools and solutions reduce costs, increase revenue, and can engage a transformative business model. We focus on the value of people and planet, bringing DE intelligence, experience and passion.  

The Journey So Far

We founded Digital Energy in 2016 as a response to the need to reduce industrial inefficiencies. We believe that there is an opportunity to cut emissions, save money and improve safety.​


​We use Artificial Intelligence and Environomics to optimise environmental good practice with economic benefits. ​


In addition to our digital expertise we help companies develop behavioural changes throughout the organisation.​